Gila has helped heal countless patients from every kind of ailment and malady you can imagine.   Here are just a few of her client’s testimonials:


“No more bloating. Much more energy!”

I lived the first three decades of my life with a diet based on my Latin culture.  That meant “healthy” foods like beans, corn, and strong spices.

Unfortunately for me, I have a version of G6PD enzyme deficiency, which means that my body does not properly process legumes (beans), some grains, and aromatic herbs.

After Gila’s diagnosis and treatment, I have lived a happier, more energetic (and bloat free) life!  No longer does it feel like I have rocks in my stomach, and I no longer bruise as easily as I did before.

Thanks to Gila’s expertise, I have more power and information in my food choices.

J. C. Solis (Los Angeles, CA)


“You’ve done it again, Gila!”

You were instrumental in completely healing my digestive problems and making my severe acid reflux nothing but a memory. You have helped numerous of my clients. And now you’ve done it again!

When I walked into your office with horrendous lesions on my hip that were growing by the minute, you correctly diagnosed it as MRSA – i.e. penicillin resistant staph infection – with potentially grave consequences if it wasn’t handled immediately. The MD’s option was double dose of antibiotics for 60 days, and surgery of the lesions as they would never heal otherwise. What I appreciate is that, in contrast to the MD’s resistance to “alternative” methods, you have no other agenda than healing. In fact, because of the danger of the staph entering the bloodstream, you suggested I take the antibiotics (while supporting the body with herbs to counter the side effects), if the herbs didn’t work within the next 24 hours. Well did they ever! In 24 hours the surrounding 5- inch in diameter redness was almost gone! Wow! A month later the lesions were completely healed. Your ability to so accurately be able to determine a person’s condition and the underlying factors, as well as being able to so exactly determine the exact herbal mixture that will treat it, is nothing but remarkable.
You are a tremendous resource for anyone interested in healing rather than covering up symptoms.

Per Bristow

Vocal and performance coach


I came to Gila Varis, L.Ac., R.N. in June of 2009 after losing my menstrual cycle in the middle of 2005. I had been taking birth control pills for 9 years and when I stopped them my cycle never returned. I spent the next 4 ½ years searching for an answer. I am a Registered Nurse, Colon Hydrotherapist, and Nutritionist. I knew that I was not going to take western medications anymore unless it was for an emergency.

I began working with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, and various other natural healing modalities. I had been following a very healthy diet and lifestyle for a long time too, but still no answers. I also began gaining weight without any change in diet or exercise. By the time I met Gila I had gained 30 pounds, and was really feeling jaded and hopeless.

We began our work together and after 3 months we finally discovered the route of what had been causing my hormone imbalance….MOLD! I found a huge source of it under my kitchen sink, but we soon realized that it was a bigger issue than we thought in the home we were living in. Our lease was up, so we decided to move.

After the first month in our new home I started spotting for a few days. The next month I had a full healthy period!! I was overwhelmed with tears of joy…finally this trying journey was coming to an end. I have lost half the weight so far and I know that the rest will fall off as I continue to regain my health. I love sharing my story and hope that it can help and inspire others.

There are no words to express my gratitude to Gila. She has given me my life back. I feel like a woman again. I am about to turn 29 years old and I feel healthier than I ever have in my whole life!!!

Carly Balsz


I recently found myself so out of sorts I was seriously considering going on antidepressants. Yes, me the queen of alternative healing was on my way to a western doctor’s office when instead I took myself to my friend Gila’s. Gila B. Varis L.AC, R.N. is a Chinese Herbalist, but she is so much more than that. This woman is an amazing healer who has saved both my health and my sanity many times. With just one dose of herbs made specifically for my symptoms, she helped me to feel like myself again, before I even left her office…

I love that Gila is not afraid to combine Western medicine with Eastern practices. She actually muscle tested me to see what antidepressants would work best for my body. She got out her medical books and read me the side effects of the drugs I was considering until I laughed at myself for even thinking about going on prescription medicine and demanded that she just do her thing to whip me up one of her herbal remedies.

I’ve learned from Gila that whatever is going on inside of us (intestinally) totally affects what is going on with our head, both in it emotionally, and on it physically (like your skin breaking out or your hair falling out can all be due to the current chemistry going on inside your pipes)! In my case I had a little unfriendly bacteria making me a whole lot wacky. Gila saved my sanity the natural way, no prescription drugs needed.”

From: Jusstine Kenzer,  http://www.psychicgirl.com/tag/gila-varis/


Gila just happens to be my sister-in-law.  Over the years, I’ve learned many things about diet, health and lifestyle from her.  I’ve always been pretty healthy and could get away with a rather slip-shod approach to my diet and lifestyle so, I initally resisted most of  Gila’s suggestions.   Only later, when I started to feel unhealthy, I’d try something she advocated,  find out that she was right, and I would end up adopting her recommendations and feeling much better.

Last year I encountered a real health problem.  Fibromyalgia–bad, all-over body pain and muscle weakness.  This condition interfered with my ability to function and even cost me my job. I tried everything to turn my health around: prescription drugs for the symptoms, exercise, chiropractic, dietary cleanses and fasting–nothing worked.

Finally I was able to visit Gila in California and she did her amazing diagnostic workup and formulated a custom Chinese herbal remedy for me.  One dose and I could feel a difference!  I made a few dietary changes that she recommended as well and, after two weeks on her brew, I am happy to say that I have almost ZERO pain in my body and I feel like a new person. Thank you Gila!

Submitted by Yvonne

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