The Season of Winter and How to Eat

It’s January 2019 here in Los Angeles. It is the winter season. Granted, the weather is mild compared to the East coast, but nevertheless, it’s still winter here. A lot of people are still eating as if it’s summer. They are drinking cold smoothies in the morning instead of eating a warm cooked breakfast. They eat raw salads for lunch and probably for dinner. Raw food is cold in nature. It’s a great way to add some enzymes in your body, as well as a good way to detox. However, winter is not the time to eat like this. On warm summer days, our digestive system is more able to process the raw cold foods. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s best to eat according to the season. Even if the seasonal weather pattern is mild. So, at winter time, it’s best to eat all of your meals cooked. Soups, stews, baked, or cooked is the way to prepare foods.

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