Herbal Healing

Chinese herbs are widely known to be extremely powerful.  The potency of herbal healing technology that makes up an important leg of Chinese Medicine can restore health where other medical treatments have failed.  Chinese medicine focuses on restoring balance and addressing the cause of disease.  Chinese herbology is based on the idea that human beings have an inter-relationship with all life.

The basis of Chinese medical theory centers around balancing Yin and Yang.  The five elements: earth, air, water, fire and metal must be in balance within the body.  When any of the elements become imbalanced, the positive and negative forces (Yin and Yang) of the body are out of accord.  Chinese herbs are used to adjust a deficiency or over-abundance of the elements present in the patient’s body, thus restoring balance and health.  An herbal medicinal prescription is a combination of many herbs customized to a patient’s individual needs.

The art of tailoring Chinese healing herbs into a formula specific to a particular patient with particular symptoms is an artform that has been practiced for 2000 years. This art has evolved over the centuries to produce a very sophisticated system of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Most allopathic (Western) medical approaches deal with symptom mitigation.  Gila approaches her health practice with a blend of  valuable allopathic knowledge, solid familiarity with nutrition and dietary factors and extensive work with both acupuncture and Chinese herbology.

These combined methods enable her to pinpoint the root cause of illness with great acuity.

With the right treatment: a custom-made Chinese herbal remedy, specific counseling to address any factors contributing to the disease, and other supportive therapy, the patient is addressing the core of the ailment, not just treating the symptoms.  When the root problem is treated, the five elements and Yin and Yang are brought into balance, the patient’s health can return to it’s full vigor.

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